The CROSS-E Scooter, branded Scrambler Ducati, mounts so-called “fat” anti-puncture tubeless tires (size 110/50-6.5”), which are also suitable for stretches of dirt or very uneven roads. The brushless motor provides a continuous power output of 500W and guarantees excellent pick-up both at the start and on uphill sections, without undergoing any slowdown in pace. The 375 Wh battery guarantees an autonomy of up to 30-35 km, maintaining an average speed of 15 km/h. The sturdiness, also visual, of the frame gives maximum stability and riding comfort. The double front headlight allows the use of the vehicle at night with excellent visibility and the management of all the functions, including the 3 riding modes, takes place through the large 3.5” LCD display.
With the purchase of the Ducati Scrambler Cross-E Scooter you will find included the Family Protection insurance, stipulated with one of the first players in the insurance market: Axa Assistance.
    High-strength alloy steel
    500W brushless
    36V, 10.4Ah, 374Wh
    110/50-6.5” front and rear Tubeless
    Double front and rear disc brake
    3.5” LCD
    35km (travelling at an average speed of 15km/h, subject to variations based on driver’s weight, road conditions, temperature etc.)
    Max weight supp.
    CROSS-E is produced under license by M.T. Distribution Srl