Electric Scooter

PRO-I Evo MAx Safe Ride

The Pro-I Max SAFE RIDE customised Ducati electric scooter is the ideal travelling companion for urban commuting. Weighing just 13.3 kg, it is lightweight and extremely easy to transport. It can be quickly folded and stored in a small space, perfect for public transport or in the boot of your car. Equipped with a 350W motor and 500W Peak Power, the Pro-I Max SAFE RIDE electric scooter offers a smooth and powerful ride. Enjoy long rides of up to 40Km without worrying about having to recharge the battery frequently, thanks to the 360 Wh battery. You can rely on precise and responsive braking when needed thanks to the new advanced braking system, with an electronic front brake and a rear disc brake, ensuring maximum safety during your trips. . Enjoy a comfortable and safe riding experience with the 8.5″ tyres, which effectively absorb road irregularities, allowing you to tackle even rough terrain for a smooth and comfortable ride. Ducati Pro-I Max Safe Ride: Style without any stress. All Ducati customised folding e-bikes and electric scooters are produced under licence by PLATUM.
    PRO-I Evo Max Safe Ride
    350W, Peak Power 500W
    10Ah, 360Wh
    8.5" inner tube front and rear
    electronic front and rear disc, com KERS
    LED colour
    up to 40km (may vary depending on rider's weight, street conditions, temperature etc.)
    Max weight supp.
    Charging time
    around 5 hours
    L1: 6km/h | L2: 15km/h | L3: 20km/h | L4: 25km/h (max speed)*
    Net weight
    13.6 Kg
    PRO-I Evo Max Safe Ride is produced under license by M.T. Distribution Srl