Advanced Safety


The Ducati Scrambler  CITY CROSS-E Street Edition scooter is designed for people who live the city to the fullest, and need an agile and stable vehicle to move in total safety through the streets without sacrificing the comfort and safety of a two-wheeled vehicle.

This Street Edition sports a Total Black livery, which complements the Ducati style and highlights the iconic lines of the Scrambler Ducati scooter.

It is equipped with 10″ tubeless street wheels, which absorb all vibrations and can easily overcome urban obstacles such as tram tracks, bumpy stretches of road and cobblestones. The brushless motor delivers a hefty 350 W of power, ensuring you can ride freely on urban streets and even on roads that are not perfectly smooth.

The 450 Wh battery (12.5 Ah) guarantees a maximum range of up to 40-45 km at an average cruising speed of 15 km/h. The ample footboard ensures maximum comfort and rider’s stability, while the anti-slip grip material provides maximum foot adhesion enhanced safety.

The headlight guarantees optimal visibility even at night. All functions, including the 3 riding modes (SI), can be easily set and monitored from the LED display integrated in the handlebar.

    CITY CROSS-E Up Advanced Safety
    aluminium alloy
    350W brushless
    36V, 12.5Ah, 450Wh
    10″ tubeless street wheels
    dual brake: front electric and rear disc brakes
    LED display integrated in the frame
    40-45km (at an average speed of 15km/h, may vary depending on rider's weight, street conditions, temperature etc.)
    Max weight supp.
    Charging time
    around 6-7 hours
    ECO: <= 6km/h | D:<= 15km/h | S: <= 25km/h (max speed)
    Net weight
    CITY CROSS-E Up Advanced Safety is produced under license by M.T. Distribution Srl