We offer you a list of frequently asked questions in order to try to solve your problem.

To activate the insurance, please find here the instructions.

In the “where to buy” section you can find all the authorized dealers dealing with the Ducati, Scrambler Ducati and Ducati Corse folding e-bikes and electric scooters.

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The modification of the products is prohibited. If you modify the electrical or mechanical system of our products in any way, you lose the warranty and the related rights concerning the product. Furthermore an improper use of the system may usually reduce the duration and damage the Drive Unit and the product itself. In addition, the risk of accidents related to the modification could cause damage to you and others, personal liability claims and the risk of legal proceedings.

In the product sheets you will also find specifications about battery range. However, the autonomy of the battery depends on various factors such as driver’s weight, the outside temperature, road surface, the level of assistance used, the number of stops and starts. Autonomy will therefore be calculate in a range.

The walk assistance help make it easier for you to push off or start the e-Bike. Speed, when using this function, depends on the gear engaged. The lower the gear being used, the lower the speed when using this function.

Electric scooters and e-bikes (with motors not exceeding 250W and maximum speed of 25km/h) can be used wherever a traditional bicycle is allowed.

Ducati Urban e-Mobility products do not require a driving license or registration.

Yes, but it will not be possible to use the pedal assisted function. Since e-bikes are heavier than traditional bikes, it is recommended to avoid this situation.

No. The battery cannot be charged by pedaling.